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Standard scope of work



  • Preparation and timely filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”) to IRAS

  • Preparation of tax schedules and identification of tax issues

  • Computation of corporate tax

  • Submission of corporate annual tax returns to IRAS

  • Monitoring of statutory deadlines and filing requirements

  • Management of queries and verification of Notice of Assessments by IRAS

  • Lodgement of appeal or objection to IRAS as required

  • Tax advisory on interpretations and incentives as required


  • Preparation of income tax returns and tax computations for individuals and partnerships

  • Preparation of employee’s remuneration returns (Form IR8A) and tax clearance (Form IR21)

  • Assistance to attending to queries from IRAS

  • Application to IRAS for voluntary disclosures of past tax errors or negligence

  • Local personal tax planning and advisory

From S$600 per Year of Assessment




  • Application for tax schemes like the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme

  • Application for Certificate of Residency / Tax Reclaim Form


  • Application for tax schemes like the Not Ordinarily Resident scheme

From $100 per application / From $350 per PIC application

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